Dead end,  No outlet,

 It is on the road or in our lives?

Experiencing, visualizing real dead ends at a larger scale is uncommon.

What if an entire country has no way out?

What if an entire country has catastrophic events occurring  all the time.

Rusty trains abandoned in the middle of nowhere.


Roads washed away by the last cyclone.


Villages and  inhabitants  left behind.


Mine fields on the road sides


No Way Out!


Beyond this fate, we might find hope

Determination can open roads


Beyond this fate, we might find smiles

Resilience can make people empowered


Beyond this fate, we might find faith

Perseverance can trigger creativity


sunset at Morrungulo





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I am still uncertain about the journey I am about to begin with this blog. However, Maribeth believes I should and can write one she believes I have something to say. We have a unique experience in discovering each other and sharing two great cultures: an old one, the French one, proud of its legacies; a new one, the American one, proud of its futures. The title, FrenchRootsinAmerica comes from the hoodies we found and bought on the internet: the symbolism and the beautiful blue, white and red tree growing up and out of French roots to give birth to the American tree. Now proud to be American, I cannot and will not deny my deep French roots. The most important thing is that this blog is designed to open doors and perspectives. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “TERMINUS”

    1. Elsie – Thank you for your feedback. What impressed me was the attitude. In this country, people don’t look desperate, they smile. We, Europeans were not in our element when we got stuck for 2 days in 2 feet of mud. However we took time to appreciate the kindness of the locals and the beautiful milky way before falling asleep on the top of the truck.


  1. Frank, it always amazes me how a people can smile and be happy through such challenges and difficulty in daily life. At least, when we see dirt roads, bare feet, etc., we think “oh, those poor people,” but are they really poor? Their creative spirit, resilience and perseverance make then rich in my boat…A really lovely piece you have here…

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