Sea Turtle life

You bear your heavy burden

Diving, eating, swimming and breeding

Exhausted after long hours on sandy beaches

You can not even live in peace in your habitat

You bear your heavy burden

Competing with odd animals on your playground

Competing with developers who take over your beaches

Competing with all kinds of predators

You bear your heavy burden

make the joy of all snorkelers and divers

Protected but also threatened by others

Your life is not really an easy one





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I am still uncertain about the journey I am about to begin with this blog. However, Maribeth believes I should and can write one she believes I have something to say. We have a unique experience in discovering each other and sharing two great cultures: an old one, the French one, proud of its legacies; a new one, the American one, proud of its futures. The title, FrenchRootsinAmerica comes from the hoodies we found and bought on the internet: the symbolism and the beautiful blue, white and red tree growing up and out of French roots to give birth to the American tree. Now proud to be American, I cannot and will not deny my deep French roots. The most important thing is that this blog is designed to open doors and perspectives. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Sea Turtle life”

  1. Every living being looks for living an easy life, but that is not the norm. Does anyone ever really have it easy?
    I live so far away from sea turtles, but yet their plight weighs heavy in my heart and mind.

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  2. Reblogged this on Unleashed and commented:
    The habitat /breeding grounds for the majestic sea turtle in Riviera Maya is being challenged by development and tourists who are not always respectful. This is an image of a turtle watched on our trip to Akumal. Poem written by FrenchRootsinAmerica and worth the read.


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